2018 APCO Western Regional Conference
Week of March 26, 2018 (Tacoma, WA)
This conference offers an opportunity to share knowledge and present new information and ideas relevant to the field of public safety
communications. Presenters will gain visibility and credibility while making a significant contribution to the public safety community. The
conference also offers excellent networking opportunities. Speakers will receive one complimentary full registration to the conference.
Proposals should be of interest to public safety communication professionals on topics related to 9-1-1 call taking, police and fire
dispatching, stress management (debriefing and managing stress), leadership, supervisory issues, health and wellness, mentoring,
diversity, team building, conflict training, tactical dispatching (crisis negotiations), technical development, operational development, radio
systems, NG911 (MSAG, GIS, CAD, etc.) and keynote speakers whose topics are applicable to public safety as a whole.
The Conference also welcomes submissions on subjects that do not directly apply to the above topics, but would be relevant and
educational for attendees.
Submission Requirements:
1) Presenter name, title, phone, email, agency/company, mailing address
2) Target audience and general topic
3) Biography of the presenter with overview of qualifications and speaking/training experience (75 words or less, for
publication in the conference materials and advertising)
4) Suggested course title (Long titles may be abbreviated to 3-4 words in some conference materials. The use of a sub
title is acceptable)
5) Brief description of the course in 75 words or less (for conference materials)
6) Full description of course content
7) Presentation format (classroom style, roundtable, panel)
8) Length of proposed presentation (time provided is from 1-2 hours)
9) Video or link to video of previous presentations
Email submissions or questions to: training@waapconena.org first round of selections will occur July 10, 2017.